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Dustless Technology - DLT 

Parex USA Dustless Technology helps reduce the impact and mess that dry products can produce at job sites along with improved workability and longer working times. DUSTLESS LOGO

Carvable Mortar

Carvable architectural mortar is a polymer modified mortar used to create shapes, relief, and sculpted structures. It is the ideal product to mimic the look of wood, rock, or stones. Not only will it be easier to carve due to its extended open time, but its versatility will allow you to create new shapes, repair natural, or damaged stones.

AquaSolTM Enhanced
Acrylic Finish

AquaSol Enhanced Acrylic Finish is a revolutionary DPR Acrylic Finish with Hydrophobic and Photocatalytic properties. AquaSol™ provides far more than standard acrylic finish, it also cleans itself, reflects UV rays, and reduces pollution making it - Cleaner, Cooler and Greener.

AquaSol WaterMaster CI

AquaSol WaterMaster CI is our elite CI system. It has all the benefits of the base level CI system and drainage system. However, AquaSol WaterMaster CI makes use of a premium base coat & adhesive as well as our best CI system finish; AquaSol.